The anatomy of a proven bitumen pressure distributor

Bitumen pressure is one of the road building equipment developed specially for the purpose of coating and spraying of bitumen. The specialty of this equipment is that it can spray controlled amount of bitumen on the road and that to in a uniform manner. Usually it is mounted on a truck chassis which makes it easy to spray while moving. The job of the truck chassis will be to carry the machine and move it slowly so that uniform spraying of bitumen can be done. With the bitumen sprayer, spraying of emulsion is also possible. Whenever there is requirement for emulsion spraying, this machine can perform.


Atlas has taken adequate care in developing a quality machine. Proper care has been taken in designing the pipelines and the tank structure in such a way that liquid bitumen flows easily. The return lines are not parallel to the chassis in fact they are at an angle which makes sure that bitumen flows though easily without clogging the lines. The tank designed is oval shaped which looks aesthetic and is painted in black which makes it look clean and camouflages bitumen spillage.


The main components of tar sprayer are main chassis, tank, burner, engine, bitumen pump, air compressor, spray bar, pneumatic system, cleaning system, transfer line and return line.


bitumen pressure distributor anatomy


The chassis is the base on which the entire equipment is build. Chassis of the sprayer is a combination of two channels which will hold the unit. The width of the sprayer chassis is not fixed and can be customized. Customization is in the form of the distance between the two chassis bars. The factor influencing this is the vehicle on which the sprayer will be mounted. Depending on the chassis width of the vehicle, the machine chassis width can be customized so that the sprayer fits exactly on the vehicle.


The tank constructed is oval shaped and is fully insulated from all the sides by 50 mm glass wool. This insulation of the tank on all the sides will help in keeping the contents of the tank hot for longer duration. Atlas is one bitumen pressure distributor manufacturer who offers the tanks with galvanized coating and with colour applied on the surface.


Burner is a simple high pressure oil burner provided for adequate heating of bitumen. Burner uses diesel fuel to heat the contents. A smaller hand torch type burner is also provided for heating the pipelines in case of any clog gage in extreme cold conditions. A fuel tank of 100 liters for the burner is provided with the machine.


Engine is standard Kirloskar make of capacity 25 HP operating at 2000 rpm. Engine powers bitumen pump and air compressor.


Bitumen pump is connected to the engine by a heavy duty clutch. The pump is of a high capacity and is gear type. air compressor is double cylinder type powered by the engine by a V belt.


Spray bar is of length 4.2 meters giving spraying of up to 4.5 meters. This can also be customized to achieve spraying of up to 6 meters. Spray bar height adjustment is mechanical and there is also heating facility available by circulation of pre-heated bitumen. With the asphalt distributor, a hose pipe with single nozzle is provided for hand spraying of bitumen.


Pneumatic system is for opening and closing of nozzles on the spray bar. The pneumatic hand level valves are provided near the operator’s seat.


Cleaning system is a standard with this machine. At the end of operation, all the lines can be cleaned of bitumen by use of air and diesel. This will ensure that the next day starts with a jump.


Transfer line is for filling of bitumen inside the tank. The same bitumen pump can be used for filling of bitumen inside the tank.
Return line is adjusted in such a way that you can adjust the spray bar pressure. Return line is at an angle and not parallel which makes sure that bitumen does not get stuck.