11 tips to get the most out of your mechanical broom

Roads and paved surfaces have to be kept clean all the time. It is important to maintain proper hygiene and for that there are several road cleaning equipment available in the market today. There are many advanced types which offer many options as far as the cleaning process is concerned. The mechanical broom by Atlas is designed keeping the average contractor in mind. It is a very simple and no nonsense equipment driven by a tractor which makes the surface cleaning process simple and easy. The cleaning width is also good 2.4 meters and the operation of the broom simple and efficient. The machine can be operated by anybody with little training and the simple design makes its maintenance very low.


Having said this there are few simple points which need to be taken care as far as the maintenance part of the equipment is concerned. The below infographic explains the maintenance process of the broom in a simple manner.

mechanical broom maintenence



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