Some facts about bitumen tanks

When we manufacture an asphalt plant, we manufacture all its components and assemble the same at our factory. There are other manufacturers who outsource some or all of the critical components to small fabricators just to meet the deadline or because they do not have enough space available to make your machine at a single factory. We believe that this is not the correct way of doing business. Our policy is simple – we want to make sure that we give customers the best available equipment without compromising on its quality, hence the reason is that some of our customers say they our initial price is high when they compare the same with others. The reason is that we do things correctly which adds value to you and your investment. The amount of time, efforts and money you put in any construction equipment will have to be proved for long term. When you use our equipment and it performs better than your competition or when it consumes fewer spares – you will be happy.
fully covered bitumen tanks avoid heat lossIf we look at bitumen storage tanks that we have for asphalt mix plants it is just another component for some manufacturer but for us this part holds quite importance as far as asphalt mixing machine is considered. These tanks not only hold the bitumen but it also heats the same and the pumping station supplies the bitumen to the mixing unit. Any kind or malfunctioning or leakage or error in the asphalt tank design will lead to huge losses and you would not to waste bitumen as the cost of bitumen is going high day by day.

Bitumen tanks are used with different products like:
Asphalt batch mix plant
Asphalt drum mix plants
Counter-flow asphalt mixers
Mobile asphalt plants with mobile bitumen tanks
Bitumen drum decanters for additional storage facility of bitumen
Storage and transportation of bitumen from one place to another

Bitumen storage tanks are available as direct heating or with indirect heating and customers can decide which one to buy. Direct heating tanks means that the burner is fitted to the tank and the flame of the burner heats the pipeline spread through the bottom of the tank which in turn melts the bitumen. Indirect heating tanks come with a separate heating system known as hot oil heater. This heater is equipped with a burner with coils inside. The coils circulate hot oil from the heater to the tank. This hot oil is hot when it is going towards the tanks and it heats the bitumen inside the tank. When the oil is circulated back to the heater its temperature is slightly low due to the heat transfer done and its temperature is again elevated when it passes through the heater.
direct and indirect heating bitumen tanksBitumen tanks for sale are also available as mobile or stationary depending on your choice and application. They are also available with or without pumping station.

Atlas also manufactures asphalt storage tanks in two shapes: O shaped and U shaped. Both these tanks have their own advantages. Usually U shaped tanks are more suitable when you need to empty bitumen that comes in barrels as the top part of the tank is flat to facilitate easy walking. O shaped tanks are also preferred by many customers as they look a bit better than U shaped tanks. O shaped tanks have a small platform for a person to walk and even for unloading of bitumen that comes in barrels.

Maximum sized tank that can be accommodated in a 40 ft. container is 30 tons. Higher capacity asphalt tanks are also available for sale.