Comparison: road cleaning machine [Infographic]

Road cleaning machine plays a vital role after the road is built. It is important that the road cleaning broom used serves the need on time for you. There are various types available in the market today.

It gets difficult to choose between the appropriate type of road cleaning broom which would help to complete your project on time.

The three types of road brooms that we have on offer are:

Atlas Industries is manufacturer and export three types of road brooms. Each of these road sweeper machines come with three simple yet desirable features. These three features are: ease of use, ease of maintenance and ease of transportation.

  • Mechanical broom
  • Hydraulic broom
  • Broom with water sprinkling system.

Looking at the specifications and photos on our website, it can be confusing to choose between the right broom for your application.

Hence, the below infographic will help you to choose + compare between the three types of road brooms.

Road cleaning machine

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