Components of Atlas WMM plants

WMM plants are important part of any fleet of equipment for a contractor who undertakes road construction jobs. Also known as soil stabilization plans, these are used to produce materials which help in stabilization of the soil prior to laying of hot mix asphalt.


In most of the cases, aggregates, sand is mixed with water along with some percentage of cement. The percentage of cement is usually 3-5% and may vary. Though in small percentage, cement will act as a binding material in the mixture. Then this mix material is laid to give proper strength to the floor.


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Wet mix plant in India is sold with aggregate feeders, primary vibrating screen, charging conveyor with load cell for weighing the aggregates, pug mill mixer, load out conveyor and storage silos. A cement silo is also available with the plant for addition of cement directly into the mixing unit.


components wmm plants

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