Customer visit from Philippines

Philippines has always been a special country for Atlas Industries. Seven years ago when we started looking at a market outside India, it was a customer from Philippines who trusted us and bought our equipment. It was a stationary asphalt drum mix plant of 60-90 tph capacity. The plant was delivered as promised in a month’s time and the customer visited us. This was the first time when a customer was visiting us to inspect his equipment before it’s dispatch. There were small modifications required by the customer and the same were done to suit the customer. The machine was going to be used for road construction work and was installed in Cagayan de Oro. This was our first equipment in Philippines and after that we received many orders from road contractors looking for a reliable equipment. In a span of 5 years we sold 2 stationary and 2 units of mobile drum mix plants. Customers were very happy with the product quality and service we offered.


Year 2015:
This year gets even more special with two orders from Philippines for mobile concrete batching plants. Both the plants are of capacity 30 m3/hr. and fully mobile units with twin shaft mixer. Usually we do not supply the plant with tyres, tubes and wheel rim but since both the customers have requirement, we have supplied them with the same. The design and basic chassis of the equipment remained same. The machine is a fully mobile unit on a single chassis (including the control cabin). Yes the control cabin which houses the panel folds inside the chassis. The screw conveyor and cement hopper was opted by the customer for filling of cement. Only this unit is stationary and has to be transported in a separate vehicle rest of the machine is easily towable by a truck.


Factory visit:
The customer visited us and we went to the factory. They saw their partially ready machine and were happy looking at the partial job that was done. It was really very urgent for them to get this equipment in few days as they were getting delayed for their project. Customer also saw our other products which we were manufacturing and was also keen to have details on the same.


customer philippines concrete plant


After visiting the factory we soon headed for Udaipur for leisure and as we wanted them to see one of the most beautiful palaces India has. We stayed at a resort in the lap of nature and since they were interested in Indian culture, in the course of two days, we visited several other temples including the famous Nathdwara and Ambaji temple.


Return to factory:
We were discussing different options as the customer was looking for more storage of cement. We were discussing to avoid the cement hopper and instead go for the 50 tons cement silo. Without cement hopper they would not be able to use the mobile concrete mixer. They would have to wait till the time the cement silo came. We needed additional 20 days to manufacture the cement silo. We offered them a simple solution and gave them the silo for free. By doing this they would be able to immediately start using their machine as soon as it reaches the site. The silo was destined to come later after 20 days and it would be transported without a screw conveyor. Upon arrival of the silo, the cement hopper would be replaced by the silo and the screw conveyor will remain the same. To make the process smooth, we told them that our technician who usually stays for 12 days will stay longer at your site for 30 days. The technician with the help of their staff will help in erection of the cement silo. Customer was happy and so were we. They also agreed to place an order for a new 82 kva generator and they same required to be transported along with the plant.


With simple solutions and our hospitality, we won the heart of the customer. Got an email the next day from them saying that they felt homely and safe in India.
Making customers happy and satisfying them is what we always look for. I am sure they will love their mobile concrete plant and it will help them achieve their production target and make profit.