Mechanical Broom Sweepers for the cleaning of roads.

Sweeping is the process of removal of debris from roads and paved surfaces. It can be done by means of a broom or by a machine which we refer to as mechanical broomers. There are smaller particles which tend to stick to the surface of the road and the same may not be physically visible but they can be cleaned by the means of sweeping. These particles can be in the size of microns. After cleaning, a road may look to clean but there are a lot of smaller particles or dust settled which may not be easily visible.


mechanical broom sweepers


The sweeper machines that we manufacture are simple to use and operate. They are tractor towable and are also easy to maintain. Since large areas like pathways and roads have to be cleaned frequently to maintain the necessary hygienic standards it is important that a machine used should be reliable and efficient. These machines are best suited for municipalities who need simple machines which can be operate and maintained with little knowledge. They are also preferred by a lot of contractors who want to keep they work sites clean.

The equipment has a long axle on which many brooms are resting and which runs through the entire length from one end to the other. Several brooms are fitted in the machine and when they come in contact with the surface to be cleaned the collective movement of the same results in dust being collected to one side. The position of the axle is at an angle which is important for collection of the dust to one side as the brushes move.

mechanical broomers water sprinkling

Mechanical broom sweepers are easily tow able by any suitable towing vehicle this makes them one of the easiest machines to operate. Sweeping width available is 2.5 meters and they are equipped with nylon bristles. There are three screw type handles for height adjustment of the machine. This can allow pressure adjustment of the machine effectively. The gear box with bevel gears promotes easy movement of the bristles for fast cleaning. Nylon bristles of 2.5 mm thickness are enough for small and heavy dust particles. It is also possible to have a combination of nylon and steel bristles or only steel wire bristles. The brushes on the sides covered by rubber flap which makes sure that less dust is emitted during the cleaning process. Same machine is available with water spraying system ensuring lower dust emissions.