Mobile asphalt plant properties

Mobile asphalt plant is the need of hour considering that a fast moving road contractor will be tendering for several projects at a time. You will always be expecting to take on more projects at a time if it is feasible. When there are several projects going on and it is not feasible to put an equipment to each project, this machine comes to the rescue. The property of the hot mix asphalt will always want us to lay the same as early as possible and when it is hot. The more time taken to lay the mix material, the more chances of the material changing its properties. To avoid this it is important that the equipment is nearest to the site. But every time this is not a practical solution since installing a plant will require time efforts and a lot of civil foundation to be done before the machine can be ready. Most importantly one cannot have a machine at each site. Here a mobile drum mix plant will serve the purpose.


The reason is because of the below advantages it can offer over its stationary counterpart:
Same production levels
Same hot mix quality
Is of same size
Requires less or no foundation
Can be setup in quick time
Can be assemble and disassembled in fast time
Comes prewired.
Quick and easy to transport.


The layout of the plant remains unchanged compared to the stationary counter-part. The feedings units are inline and the number can be customized. Vibrating screen, charging conveyor and drying drum are parallel to each other. Wet dust type pollution control device is on the same chassis with the drying and mixing drum of hot mix plant. Bitumen storage and transfer tanks, fuel tank for dryer burner and mineral filler unit can be on same chassis or separate depending on the size of the bitumen tank chosen. Control cabin and optional space for generator can be done on the chassis.

layout of asphalt plant

The cold aggregate feeding unit is in most of the cases with four bins. However it is very much possible to customize the number of bins. The four bin feeding unit comes on a single axle. The bins are wide enough for easy loading of aggregates. Some of the features here include manual feeder gates n each bin to customize the flow of material from individual bins. Each bins is equipped with variable speed drive motors so that one can also manage the flow of aggregates from inside the control panel. This makes the task easy for the asphalt plant operator. There is also a dedicated bin for sand with a vibrating motor. This is to ensure that sand can flow freely without getting stuck in the bin. Each bin comes with flow sensors which will put an alarm in the control panel if there is lack of material in any bin. The chassis of the feeding unit comes with foldable legs, safety lights, pneumatic braking and king pin for easy attachment to a vehicle. The unit also comes pre-wired with junction box so that wiring is easy and hassle free.

mobile aggregate feeder asphalt mixer

The drying and mixing drum of the portable asphalt plant for sale comes in one chassis along with the pollution control device. The standard pollution control device supplied with the unit is ventury type wet dust collector. Both the units are attached to each other by bolts so that they can be quickly separated when required. The chassis of the drum comes with foldable legs, king pin, safety lights, pneumatic braking, etc. The burner supplied is a very efficient unit which is compatible with diesel and FO. It is a low noise, high performance burner designed to give you best numbers as far as fuel savings is concerned. The drum is thermally insulated from all sides and is coated by cera wool which can resist up to 1260 degrees Celsius. The outer covering is of stainless steel sheet which makes the dryer drum look pleasing. By offering the cera wool coated drum and coating it by stainless steel the drum also helps in saving a lot of fuel. Dry dust collector will collect maximum dust and only the finer particles will reach the wet dust collector.

mobile drying drum asphalt plant

If the capacity of bitumen tank is 20 tons, it can be accommodated with filler unit and also the fuel tank for dryer burner. If the capacity of the tank is 25 tons, then fuel tank for drum burner comes in a separate chassis. If the capacity is 30 tons then even the filler unit will come on a separate chassis. The tanks comes fully insulated on all sides with a strong and fuel efficient burner. There is a ladder to the top and manhole covers and access platform are big enough. Atlas is one of the few portable asphalt plant manufacturers who supplies the tank on full chassis making it easy to lift and transport.

mobile bitumen tank asphalt plant

As I wrote before the control cabin is on a separate chassis but depending on the size of the bitumen tank, this chassis gets additional members like the fuel tank and filler unit. If there is enough space, we usually set a flat space for generator or loose parts. This makes the plant very efficient and the space can be utilized in whichever manner suitable by the customer. Control panel is inside the cabin which is fully insulated. Control panel supplied with Atlas portable asphalt plants, is PLC type. There is also an option to go for microprocessor type control panel. The PLC control panel comes with touch screen panel and user friendly software. Control panels supplied by us are factory tested and ready to use.

mobile control cabin asphalt mixer

A complete mobile plant is the one which offers flexibility and ease of usability. It should also be easy to transport and maintain.

So what are you opting for: a stationary plant or a mobile one?