How ready mix concrete can help build strong structures

Civil construction involves mainly the use of concrete. Concrete forms the base of most of the structures that mankind has build today. Construction of roads, bridges, buildings, etc. is possible using ready mix concrete. It is the fundamental structure for any construction today. RMC (ready mix concrete) is basically a mixture of aggregates, sand, cement, water and sometimes additives. The ratio of sand, cement, water can vary depending on the material to be produced. These different materials determine the different levels of strength required suitable for any application. Sometimes additives like chemicals, fly ash, silica, etc. can be added in the mix to increase its strength and harden it. The basic concrete structure will have low strength and hence steel bars are added to the construction which will help in increasing the tensile strength of the material.


Concrete manufacturing process:
As I mentioned above that concrete is produced in different forms according to the requirement. This different forms are made by altering the ratio of aggregates, sand, cement and water to get the exact material for an application. Achieving this is not easy, it takes accurate weighing methods and precision controls to get the desired mix recipe. Things get even harder when large quantities of the same are required n a short duration of time that too without compromising on the quality factor.

modern ready mix concrete plant

This is the time when a modern ready mix concrete plant comes into picture. This machine uses a modern process to produce high quality concrete in quick time. It has got separate storage and weighing compartments for aggregates, sand, cement, water, additives, fly ash, etc. it will ensure that desired recipe is churned out in quick time. This plant uses a batch type process to prepare and mix concrete. This equipment has a specially designed mixing unit which will mix all the contents thoroughly in quick time. There are different types of transfer of the mix material to site.


Get customized design done:
It is possible to get the mix design customized as per the requirement of the structural engineer. The plant has the options to add specific percentage of each material as per requirement and even to mix these contents for a specific time frame to get desired mixture. Addition of additive, fly ash, chemical, etc. can help produce concrete suitable for most of the structures that demand strength, dependability and durability.

Advantages of using a batch type concrete mixer:

A concrete mixer will always offer numerous advantages since it works on the batch principle. It always ensures that you get the exact material which suits your requirement.

This equipment are offered with accurate weighing scales for each item. Storage for each item is separate and so is weighing. This ensures that the desired quality is achieved.
The mixing units are quite advanced, they make sure that quick and homogenous mixing of the material is done. Most of these mixer types are twin shaft type, pan mixer type. One can select the mixer according to his requirement.
A batch mix concrete plant is operated with a control panel which is advanced. It includes alteration and formation of recipes as per requirement and accurate mixing technology. All this ensures that the production is faster, accurate and as desired.
The transfer of concrete is also done is a very controlled manner which makes sure that its properties does not change during the transit period. Proper care has to be taken to ensure that the material is properly settled and cured.
Besides these advantages, the plant can also suppress a lot of dust which occurs during the mixing time thus helping the environment.


RMC plant has got numerous advantages over on-site mixing because it offers accuracy and better mixing comparatively. To achieve desired result one can use these equipment and they perform to the core. Different quality material can be produced for different applications. The process is fast and produces homogenous material because of its latest mixers.