Maintenance free soil stabilization plant for road projects

Material that can improve the strength of base layers is produced by a soil stabilization plant – this is done before the laying of asphalt is done. The stability or load bearing power of the soil is increased by the use of this technology. This is very important as far as road projects are concerned because this process makes a very strong base for the road and helps in improving road quality. There are soil stabilization plants available in the market today which will help to achieve the desiredquality of the material to be laid. Controlled compaction after the laying helps in achieving desired results. In India, usually the mix material consists of virgin aggregates and water. But our machines which have been exported are with cement addition facility for in the mix design. Even small amount of cement will give the necessary strength required for the mix.

Soil stabilization plant

The basics of this method will be to test the soil properties where construction has to take place. If the soil is lacking in adequate strength, a suitable and economic plan is laid for treating the part with soil stabilization technique. Last step will be to design the required material to be laid for intended purpose of stability and strength.


Basic technique uses the aggregates and blends it with soil, granular materials and in some cases additives like cement. Important projects can be undertaken by the use of soil stabilization technique. This will also help reduce the cost on important road construction materials.


Wet Mix Macadam Plant Manufacturer

The equipment that helps make and mix this material is very critical for the success of your projects. Atlas is wet mix macadam plant manufacturer from India that manufactures and exports quality products. Our range starts from 100 tph and we have supplied plants up to 200 tph capacity. The main advantage of getting a quality machine from a quality manufacturer is that you get what you paid for and the entire process of buying the machine till the installation and even the service support you get is no no-nonsense. Our experience of more than three decades backed up by quality equipment always ensures that you have the right type of equipment for your job which will perform for long time. One of the advantages we have is that we do not want to sell the equipment, we will always try and develop relation with you. For us this is more beneficial because it helps in understanding you and delivery solutions that will be more beneficial to you in the long run.


In India, most of the machines that we sell are water mix macadam type and have facility to weigh aggregates and add water in the pug mill mixer as per the desired percentage. Most of the equipment have storage for four types of aggregates and weight the same by load cell fitted on a conveyor which transfers the aggregates to the pug mill mixing unit. Pug mill unit is an excellent mixing unit for the machine which will aid in fast mixing in fast time. Once the material is mixed as desired, it will then be transferred to a conveyor which takes the same to the waiting trucks or storage silos. Storage silos can be ranging from various capacities and can be customized as per requirements of the customer. Customer can get a water tank or make one locally at site for addition of water in the mix. Control panels come with easy to use software that aid in the working of the plant and make the process tension free.