14 effective ways to store aggregates [Infographic].

Aggregates are used in the production of hot mix asphalt by use of asphalt mixing plant and even in the production of ready mix concrete in a concrete batch plant. Anybody who had worked with either of the above product will know the importance of good and clean aggregates. We often complain about the aggregates of being too wet or segregated and of bad quality with too less or too much dust. Do you know that it is possible to control the segregation and in such a way that the aggregates are best when they are used.
Usually different sized aggregates are stock piled differently for feeding into asphalt plant or concrete plant and hence chances of segregation are very less. But segregation may occour if there is a huge variation in the sizes of aggregates in a stock pile.
Some of the points to be considered for storage and handling of aggregates are highlighted in the infographic below:
store aggregates effectively

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