Truck mounted bitumen pressure distributor is available in capacities 4 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons and 12 tons. It is easy, safe and cheaper way to spraying uniform bitumen on the road.


bitumen sprayer manufacturers India

Capacities above 12 T are tailor made.


What is a bitumen sprayer?

Bitumen pressure distributor is also known as bitumen sprayers. It is machinery for uniform spraying of bitumen on the road surface. We have designed it for uniform spraying of bitumen before the laying of hot mix asphalt. This allows the laid asphalt to stick to the surface. It is one of the important construction equipment for road construction. We at Atlas Industries have designed it to perform in rough conditions. It is tried and tested equipment for rough Indian conditions. Designed with precision, this equipment is bound to perform in tough situations.  


Some of the features of the equipment are:

  • The operation is economical - The components used promise long life. We source them from reliable suppliers.
  • Insulated tank: The machine comes with insulated tank. This is for heat retention. We provide a fuel efficient yet silent burner to heat the contents of the tank faster.
  • Diesel engine: Reliable and fuel efficient engine works wonders for the sprayer.
  • Pressurised cleaning system: One of the key highlights of this sprayer. At the end of each operation it is possible to clean the pipelines by using air and diesel. This helps avoid clogging of the pipelines by bitumen.
  • Uniform spraying: The spray bar and placement of spray nozzles is perfect. This allows uniform spraying of bitumen.
  • Spray bar length is customizable: It is possible to customize the length of the spray bar. eg. for hilly regions we change the spray bar and make is less wider with 2 folds so that the width during transportation is less. The spray bar can extends during spraying.
  • Hand spray bar: Availability of a hand spray bar is very handy when we need to spray small quantity on the sides.
  • New / old truck chassis: It is possible to design the sprayer chassis to fit new or old suitable truck chassis.


We have successfully installed and commissioned bitumen sprayers in many different countries like: Nigeria, Egypt, Philippines, Oman, Tanzania, Somaliland, Libya, Myanmar and Nepal.




Choose the best bitumen sprayer manufacturer

It is always difficult finalizing a quality bitumen sprayer manufacturer. Things can go wrong when you don't find the right supplier for your needs. You can end up getting a bad piece of machinery. You will always need a high quality truck mounted sprayer. Once you have the job in hand and have the hot mix asphalt waiting in the trucks to lay on the road. You have that 120 tons per hour asphalt plant rolling out hot mix you don't want this machine to disappoint you. There have been instances when a cheaper sprayer machine has failed to deliver. Such things occur when it matters the most. It can cost heavy to you.


It is important to choose the right machine. When it comes to selection of a spraying machine you have to consider many factors apart from price.

  • One of the most important factors that people overlook is the manufacturer. Is the manufacturer is capable of delivering the promised goods. That too in the stipulated / promised time frame.
  • Do they have a track record of supplying such machine successfully?
  • It is also important to know if the manufacturer will be able to provide the promised machine with exactly the same specifications.
  • Also check if they have installed similar machines to other customers and they are working fine.
  • If possible stick to the basic equipment which the manufacturer is confident of. If you have requested some alterations make sure that the manufacturer is confident of the same. He has to provide proper machine abiding the same. If they are hesitant of the changes then you need to know why.
  • Will they provide installation service on your bitumen sprayer truck that you send to their factory. Or they can install the sprayer at your site. If the second option is available make sure you take a list of what all items required from your end for installation.
  • What is the tax structure. Will the manufacturer be able to provide with proper receipt and warranty in writing.
  • Make sure you have all the items promised / specification of sprayer mentioned on paper and signed by them.
  • Contact other manufacturers and compare specifications on paper.
  • Make site visit with your operator and cross check the specifications offered by the manufacturers. This will help you drop the unwanted lot.
  • Manufacturers who always say "Yes": It can be easy to fall in trap of those manufacturers who have the habit of saying "Yes". When you propose a changes/points/suggestions/amendments some people always say "Yes" for the sake of the deal. Kindly stay away from such people because their only concern will be sale and they will not be able to fulfill their promises.


If you take care of the above points I am sure it will help bifurcate between good and the bad. 



How to choose correct Bitumen sprayer truck?

Selecting the correct truck for your bitumen sprayer will be very crucial. Once you select the perfect vehicle you can save a lot of money. Many customers have a view that a new vehicle is required. It is important to note that our bitumen pressure distributors can also be fitted on an old chassis. The chassis requirement for different capacity of sprayers will be different. This is because the size of each tank differs. There is a good difference between a 6 tons and 8 tons sprayer. Similarly there is a good difference in length between the 10 tons and 12 tons tank. It makes sense to have the perfect vehicle as it will help save cost and also make it easy to manoeuvre the truck.


Below are the details for selection of a perfect vehicle for your tar sprayer:

If it is a 4 tons tank the total length of chassis after cabin we require is 16.5 ft.

If you are going for a 6 ton tank the total length of chassis after cabin we require is 19 ft.

For 8 tons unit the total length of chassis after cabin we require is 21.5 ft.

10 tons machine will require total chassis length of 24 ft. after cabin.

12 tons sprayer tank can be fitted on a chassis with minimum 24 ft. Length after the cabin.


In addition to the above we also require the out width of the vehicle chassis. This is required so that we can adjust the width of the sprayer chassis accordingly. Once we make the sprayer chassis as per your truck chassis width it will be easy to fit the sprayer.


Atlas is India's one of leading manufacturers with focus on producing quality machines at reasonable price in India.


Tar sprayer is designed and suited for rough Indian applications. It is easy to use and simple to maintain. With little training anybody can learn how to operate the bitumen pressure distributor.


Bitumen sprayer specification are available in pdf format click here to get the same.



Tank is fabricated by a 5 mm MS sheet and is coated by 50 mm glass wool from all sides. This is done to prevent heat loss. The outer covering is galvanized. Galvanized tank is better as it has long life due to its anti-corrosion properties. Manhole for maintenance or to fill the bitumen tank is of 450 mm diameter.
Manual and electronic temperature gauge is provided for temperature display up to 300 Degrees Celsius. Electronic temperature gauge is given at the drivers cabin. A ladder and platform is provided for ease of access to the top. A cock is given at the bottom of the tank so that full bitumen tank can be drained out when required.


Single high pressure oil burner is provided for adequate heating of viscose binder with the tar sprayer. Burner is compatible with diesel. Burner suitable for heating of bitumen tanks are of capacity 43000 cal or 100000 cal depending upon the sprayer capacity.
Hand torch type burner of capacity 26000 cal is for manually cleaning the pipelines in extreme cold conditions. This burner will be useful to facilitate quick start up of the sprayer in extreme cold. There are two fuel storage tanks provided with the sprayer. One is of 100 liters for burner and other is of 50 liters for engine.


Single stage twin cylinder air cooled diesel engine of 25HP at 2000 RPM “KIRLOSKAR” Engine model HA 294 is fitted with Atlas bitumen sprayer for sale. Engine powers bitumen pump and air compressor. Fuel consumption is 3-4 liters per hour.
Bitumen pump and air compressor

Bitumen pump and air compressor

Both bitumen pumps and air compressor are engine driven. Bitumen pump is connected to the engine by a heavy duty clutch. Just engaging the clutch will activate the pump. Bitumen pump gear type 380 to 450 Liters per minute.
Double cylinder 3HP driven by v-belt through engine. Discharge pressure is 150 PSIG, with piston displacement of 11.25 / 8.70-CFM / FAD @1000 RPM
Return line

Return line

Return line in spray is designed in such a way that you can set and adjust the spray bar pressure from the gland cock. The gland cock can be adjusted in a way to fasten the heating process during starting up the machine.
Bitumen transfer line

Bitumen transfer line

Bitumen can be filled in the bitumen tank through a bitumen transfer line. Filling of bitumen will be easy and by the same pump which is provided with the sprayer. No extra pump is required.
Spray bar
Spray bar

Spray bar

Standard spray bar of bitumen emulsion sprayer is folding type fitted with pressure gauge regulating valve etc. Standard width of the spray bar is from 2.4 mtrs to 4.2 mtrs which can also be re-designed to give a spray of upto 6.0 meters.

Spray bar does adjustment of width by closing nozzles. Adjustment of spray bar height is mechanical Pre-heating of spray is by full circulation of preheated bitumen. Spraying pressure can be adjusted from 0-6 bar. One Hand spray pipe SS Corrugated pipe of length 5 meter is provided.

Cleaning is by air pressure and by by diesel oil. Rate of spray application: 0.3-1.0 kg per sq meters, Calibration chart is provided at the operator’s platform.
Pneumatic system

Pneumatic system

A pneumatic hand lever valve is provided near the operator's seat. This is important to open and close the spray nozzles.
 Cleaning system

Cleaning system

A cleaning system is provided with the sprayer near the bitumen pump. At the end of day bitumen flow has to be off and entire spray line and spray bar can be cleaned by using air pressure and diesel.
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