AI 3000


3 Tons

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Atlas manufactures mini bitumen sprayers in the capacities 3 Tons.


These mini sprayers come equipped with standard tank of capacity 3000 liters with burner, engine, air compressor, bitumen pump. 


Spraying in these mini tar sprayer is by the use of a hand spray nozzle.



Tank is fabricated by a 5 mm MS sheet and is coated by 40 mm glass wool. This is done to prevent heat loss. The outer covering is galvanized. Galvanized tank is better as it has long life due to its anti-corrosion properties.

Manhole for maintenance or to fill the bitumen tank is if 600 mm x 600 mm. Manual temperature gauge is provided for temperature display up to 300 Degrees celcius.


Single high pressure oil burner for adequate heating of viscose binder with oil consumption of 7-8 Liters/ hrs.

Burner is compatible with Diesel.


Single stage air cooled diesel engine of 6.5 HP at 1500 RPM.

Engine powers bitumen pump and air compressor.

Fuel consumption is 0.7-1 liters per hour.
Bitumen pump and air compressor

Bitumen pump and air compressor

Both bitumen pump and air compressor are engine driven.

Bitumen pump is connected to the engine by a manual clutch. Just engaging the clutch will activate the pump. Bitumen pump gear type 200 to 300 liters per minute.

2 HP Single piston air compressor is provided. The air tank comes with a cock which can be fitted with a pipe for road cleaning.
Return line

Return line

Return line is provided to transfer the extra bitumen into the tank.

Pressure in the hand spray nozzle can be regulated by opening and closing the cock given on the return line.
Cleaning system

Cleaning system

A cleaning system is provided with the sprayer near the bitumen pump.

At the end of day bitumen flow has to be off and entire spray line and hand spray nozzle can be cleaned by using air pressure and diesel.
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