​Atlas manufactures and exports mobile concrete plant which is also called as batch mix plant or batching plant. These concrete batch mixers are available in the capacities 20 m3/hr. to 60 m3/hr. and exported worldwide.








20 m3/hr.

30 m3/hr.

45 m3/hr.

60 m3/hr.

Capacities above 60 m3/hr. are tailor made.

concrete mixing plant manufacturer
Atlas mobile concrete batching plant can be assembled and disassembled in quick time, hence the reason they are preferred by contractors worldwide. The specialty is that they are truly mobile with pneumatic braking or towing attachment by a tractor. Equipped with king pin attachment for easy transportation these plants are fast growing the choice of the modern civil contractor. Atlas is one manufacturer who lays the most emphasis on the quality of each equipment that leaves our factory. Reliability is the key advantage of Concrete plants for sale by Atlas. These mixers come with twin shaft mixer for mixing and single conveyor belt in the whole plant. The control panel is in a foldable cabin making the design very much mobile.


India mobile concrete batch by Atlas is known for reliability and smooth performance. Concrete batch mixer is preferred for sale for its compact dimensions, twin shaft advanced mixer and PLC control panel. Even advanced SCADA control panel can also be provided with the equipment.
Working position of AMCB plant with inbuilt SILO
AMCB plant with seperate SILO hopper

Salient features

These plants are truly portable type with king pin attachment and pneumatic braking system. Plants are built on a single sturdy chassis.

Twin shaft mixer is the standard mixing device which is available with water jet cleaning system, makieng it advantageous over the competition. The twin shaft mixer gives un-parallel mixing of concrete with least maintenance.

features of concrete mixer
To save valuble time, these mobile concrete plants come fully prewired i. e. complete with plant internal cabling.

PLC based touch screen type panel with printer (optional) and USB back up facility can store up to 99 recipes.


Control panel is housed inside the control cabin.

Option for a 18 T Inbuilt SILO. Storage silos of capacity 50 T, 100 T and 150 T can also be supplied.


The design is in such a way that they require less installation area required due to its compact design. One of the main advantages of the AMCB series is its quick and easy installation and operation - 2-3 days to start concrete production and one day for disassembling.


Less foundation and installation costs (80% less than conventional stationary concrete batching plants).


These mobile concrete mixer come with only one conveyor belt. This single belts is for weighing and transfer of aggregates to the mixer. This translates into least conveyor belt maintenance.

One of the real advantages is in terms of direct feeding of mixed material into transit mixer. The mixed material can also be directly discharged into concrete pump.


Less transportation costs.

Aggregate feeder
Aggregate feeder

Aggregate feeder

2 x 2 bin type aggregate feeder comes with foldable extension plates and has suitable storage capacity. Aggregate feeder comes with pneumatic operated gates and vibratory motor.
Aggregate weighing is by means of aggregate weigh batcher which is suspended on load cells. Aggregate weigh batcher performs function of weighing and transferring.

Pic. 1: Feeder side view
Pic. 2: Feeder top view
Air compressor

Air compressor

Atlas is quality concrete plant manufacturer supplying quality air compressor of suitable capacity. Feeder gates, mixer gates and butterfly valve opening and closing is controlled by air compressor.
The air compressor is very neatly placed on the chassis near the feeder bins so that it is easy to maintain and transport.
Weighing cum discharge conveyor

Weighing cum discharge conveyor

The weighing cum discharge conveyor is suspended on four load cells. The conveyor is "Chevron” type so that material is carried to the twin shaft mixer without slippage. The plant is with with bottom cover for the conveyor for the safety of personnel working at plant.
The conveyor belt supplied with compact concrete batching plant comes with a scrapper for long life of the belt.
Weighing system

Weighing system

Cement weighing hopper is mounted on three load cells. Water weighing hopper is mounted on two load cells. Additive weighing hopper is mounted on one load cell.
The gates are with pneumatic actuators which enable gate opening and closing, when exact quantity of cement / water / additive is measured.
Mixing unit
Mixing unit

Mixing unit

After the weighing process the materials are transferred to the twin shaft type mixing unit.
Twin shaft mixing unit is of suitable capacity and equipped with wear resistant pedal arms and shell is reinforced with replaceable high wear resistance Ni hard liners.
The aggregates, cement, water and additives are discharged to the Twin Shaft Mixer.
After proper and homogeneous mixing, the batch is ready to be discharged by the pneumatic system.
Cement hopper

Cement hopper

Cement hopper of capacity 1500 kgs. is a standard with AMCB series concrete mixing plant.
Cement hopper is provided with a WAM make screw conveyor for feeding cement into the cement weighing hopper.
Control panel
Control panel

Control panel

PLC based touch screen type (SCADA Optional) panel board are a standard on AMCB series.
Provision to store, edit production details and mix proportions up to 99 recipes is possible.
The panel comes with printing facility (printer optional) and USB back up facility.
The panel can be run on both auto and manual modes.
Control cabin

Control cabin

Control panel is situated inside the control cabin.
The operator cabin of the ATLAS portable concrete equipment is designed so that the plant operator gets a very good view of the plant.


The AMCB 20 and AMCB 30 series is very easy and convenient to transport all thanks to king pin attachment and pneumatic braking system.
An option of towing attachment by tractor is also available.
During transportation, the cabin fully collapses as seen in the picture.

Pic. 1: Plant getting towed.
Pic. 2: Concrete batch mix plant getting transported in a trailer.
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