Small mobile drum mixers available in capacity 20-30 tph. Portable asphalt plant is easy to move. Ideal machine for small sites where frequent shifting is required.​


small asphalt plant

For plants above 30 tph, click here.


Atlas Industries manufactures mobile asphalt plants in the capacities of 20-30 tph. These plants come with 2 x 2 bin type aggregate feeder for cold aggregate input.


production parameters asphalt plant


The drying and mixing drum is on the same chassis with feeder and fuel tank for the dryer burner. The load out conveyor supplied with MDM 25 plant is tilting type and it minimizes space requirement and enhances mobility. Mineral filler, 12 tons bitumen tank and control cabin is on a separate chassis. Portable Asphalt Plant comes with or without venturi type wet dust collector unit for pollution control.


layout of asphalt mixing plant


Mini mobile asphalt plant

Buy Atlas Industries mobile (portable) asphalt plant available in small capacities 20-30 tph. Mini asphalt plants for sale is made under strict quality control in India. It is available in 2 versions:

1. With a 2 x 2 bin feeder

2. With 3 bin inline feeder


In both the available designs the size of the drying and mixing drum and other components remain the same.

Basically the 2 x 2 bin feeder is a 2 bin feeder. It is divided from the top in order to allow addition of two different sized materials. It should be noted that the bottom of the bin has a single opening and not two. Hence the two materials added adjacent (in a single bin) will flow down in equal proportions.


If your mix material design for hot mix asks you to use 2 materials then you can go with the standard configuration with 2 x 2 bins. If you require adding 2 or more materials then need to check the ratio of each material to be added. Suppose the ratio of any 2 materials (aggregates) to be added is same. Then the two materials can be added in the adjacent compartments of the same bin. This way we can have an idea and select if we need the mobile hot mix plant with 3 bins or with 4 bins in 2 x 2 patterns.

We have installed this machine in countries like: India, Tanzania and Somalia.


Some of the key features of the mini drum mix plant:

Atlas make mini asphalt drum mix plant is available in containerized design. The standard machine fits in 2 x 40 HC + 1 x 20 ft. containers. If the equipment is with a three bin feeder inline - then we need 3 x 40 HC containers for transportation.

  • Reasonable priced equipment from India. Cost effective operation ensures peace of mind.
  • The feeder bins are in 2 x 2 pattern or 3/4 inline bins - based on your need.
  • Drying and mixing drum burner is works with Diesel / LDO / FO.
  • 1206 degree Celsius resistant cera wool coated and SS covered drying and mixing drum. This allows heat retention to a great extent. It is ideal for cold morning and places where temperature keeps low. The fully insulated drum does not allow heat to escape.
  • Mineral filler supplied is with compressor and vibrator and not with just a blower. When the filler material is wet compressor helps blow the material. Vibrator will not allow the material to stick to the filler bin. Blower is ineffective often in such cases.
  • Bitumen tanks supplied are fully insulated from all sides.
  • Control panel is PLC type which is more advanced, user friendly, maintenance free. We can also customize the software if required.
  • We supply all chassis with foldable legs, pneumatic braking and king pin. This is for fast installation and movement.
  • Axles are pre-wired with junction box to ease quick commissioning.
  • It is possible to install this with less civil work at site compared to the stationary drum mix plant.
  • Save installation time and money with mobile design.
  • It is very easy to transport and maintain.
  • Storage silos options are also available.


How to select mobile asphalt plant manufacturer.

It is important to choose a good mobile asphalt plant which can solve your need. There are many manufacturers out there in the market today but can all of them be trusted to supply you with genuine equipment? Suppose you have different jobs in different areas. These jobs require you to shift more often. In such a scenario, if you have a machine which takes a lot of time to disassemble and assemble then you are in deep trouble. The very purpose of your mobile machine will not be solved. You will waste a lot of time in shifting and less time in production which is not the purpose. The ultimate purpose when we invest in a portable design is to save time and cost.


Some of the questions / points that you can consider while selecting the equipment are as below:

  • Level of the manufacturer: Check if the manufacturer has experience in manufacturing such mobile plants.
  • Design: Design is of outmost importance. Simple and user friendly design will help in long run compared to complicated design.
  • Output: Make sure the design does not compromise in the output.
  • Experience: Make sure the manufacturer of asphalt mixer has adequate experience in the same.
  • Is the supplier able to supply the goods in same time and with same specifications.
  • Track record is important - Check with them if they have a successful track record of installing similar machines.
  • Installation process: Check the details of the installation process and understand the same. Make sure you see each aspect of installation and disassembling in details. This will help you to know the process to be done at the site each time when you have to move the plant.
  • Check with other players: Do check with other players and see if they have something better to offer.
  • Some suppliers always say "Yes" to your requirement. Such manufacturers are very dangerous and it is important to keep away from them. The reason is that they are not concerned about the part of the sale that follows after the sale is over. Such people are only concerned about the initial sale part.
  • Cost of spare parts: Often this part is overlooked. Make sure you have a list of spare parts and also buy few critical parts with the machine. This will ensure that you have an equipment backed up with critical parts so you can work tension free. Some companies have exorbitant prices of spare parts and this will hurt you in the long run.
  • Operator services: Check which manufacturer supports you with operator for your machine. Here some players take money in their account and pay a fraction of the same to the operator. We advise you to directly employ the person with your company and pay him salary directly. This way you pay less and the person coming to work with you gets paid handsomely as we do not make our cut in the same. Best thing is that the operator feels better working for you as he knows that he is getting fully salary and not a fraction of the same.
Aggregate feeder

Aggregate feeder

In our mobile asphalt mixers all the bins are fitted with individual variable speed drive motors and gear box to control and regulate the flow of aggregate from each bin.
To keep the design compact, the aggregate feeder and the drying and mixing unit is on a single chassis.
Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

Aggregate from the gathering conveyor is fed to the drum with a single conveyor.
Feeder and dryer chassis come with attached fuel tank for dryer burner.
Drying and mixing drum
Drying and mixing drum

Drying and mixing drum

The portable dryer is the main unit of the mobile asphalt drum mix plant. It assures efficiency in uniformly heating and also drying the aggregates. Rotary cylinder dryer drum is mounted on sturdy platform driven by an AC motor fitted with sprocket and chain equipped with high pressure jet burner, flights, bitumen and fines piping, frame mounted exhauster fan with high efficiency dust collector fitted with screw conveyor for discharge of dust.

High pressure jet burner is capable of heating the aggregate to the required temperature without any unburnt fuel or carbon residue on the aggregate and it also reduces the moisture content of the aggregates to bare minimum. The drying and mixing device is also fitted with suitable type of thermometric instrument at proper places so as to indicate the temperature of exhaust gases, bitumen and mixture.
Fuel tank for dryer burner

Fuel tank for dryer burner

The dryer burner supplied with mini hot mix plant is compatible with multi fuels. There is a standard fuel tank supplied with the plant to store and supply the desired amount of fuel to the dryer burner. This tank also comes with its pumping station.
Dry dust collector

Dry dust collector

Dry dust collector is supplied as a standard unit for heavy dust settlement.
Wet dust collector
Wet dust collector

Wet dust collector

Venturi type wet dust collector pollution control device can be supplied with the plant as secondary pollution control device to keep the pollution control levels to minimum.
Bitumen tank with control cabin

Bitumen tank with control cabin

Bitumen storage tanks supplied with MDM 25 plant is of capacity 12 Tons and is mounted on a FULL chassis. The tank is fully insulated on all sides with glass wool in order to avoid heat loss and reduce fuel consumption of the burner.
Diesel compatible burner, bitumen pump is with with jacketed body, bitumen metering system is with variable speed motor and hot oil circulation motor are standard accessory with the bitumen tank. Bitumen tanks are available in various capacities as per the customer's requirement.
Lime / Mineral filler

Lime / Mineral filler

Provision for addition of dust or mineral to the mix material in the mixing zone of the dryer is there. It is provided with a rotary valve driven by AC/ DC motor. Filler material is conveyed to the drum through the drum through a pipe by suitable twin lobe compressor The input of minerals is adjacent to the bitumen line in the drying and mixing drum.
Lime filler is fixed with bitumen tank and cabin in a separate chassis.
Tilting type load out conveyor
Tilting type load out conveyor

Tilting type load out conveyor

The aggregate discharged from the drying drum is discharged and transferred to the truck by a heat resistant belt supported on an inclined load out conveyor equipped with GOB hopper. This GOB hopper is equipped with hydraulically operated cam shell gate to provide surge capacity when changing trucks and to control segregation in the hot mix.

Hydraulic Power Pack is provided as it helps in hydraulic opening and closing of the hopper gates. The storage capacity of GOB hopper is 0.5 tons.
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