Road construction machinery

Road Construction requires the creation of a continuous right-of-way, overcoming geographic obstacles and having grades which are low enough to permit vehicles and that they meet relevant regulatory standards. The process is starts with the removal of earth and rock by digging or blasting, construction of embankments, bridges and tunnels, and removal of vegetation and followed by the laying of pavement material. A variety of road building equipments employed in road building are manufactured and serviced by us here at ATLAS INDUSTRIES.
After design, approval, planning, legal and environmental considerations have been addressed alignment of the road is set out by a surveyor. The Radii and gradient are designed and staked out to best suit the natural ground levels and minimize the amount of cut and fill.
Basically, road construction involves the use of following machinery:
» Stone Crusher
» Asphalt Plant
» Wet Mix Plant
» Road Marking Machine
» Paver
» Soil Compactors
» Bitumen Sprayer
» Kerb Laying Machine
» Motor Grader
» Road Roller
» Mechanical Broom
» Groove Cutting Machine

We have a wide list of machineries that will help you in road construction.

1. Our asphalt plants help you in delivering the right mix material while taking care of the economy factor. The venturi type pollution control device helps keep the pollution under control. The plants are bound to deliver the best of hot mix material to aid you in making pavements that last longer. Besides this our main advantage to you will be that of our understanding of the customer’s requirement before going for an order.

2. We also make Wet Mix macadam plants that help you in the stabilization of soil before the asphalt is laid. These plants come with a suitable capacity storage silo and water tank. The pug mill mixer allows homogenous mixing of the material to give you a superior product.

3. Bitumen Sprayers help to spray hot tar under pressure. These are available from 4 T to 12 T capacities. The speciality is the uniform spraying ability of the sprayer and ease of operation.

4. Mechanical brooms manufactured by ATLAS have over the years proven their durability and effectiveness in road cleaning.
 Any questions?
 Any questions?