Strong and reliable stationary concrete mixer available with Atlas. Our ASCB series of batch mix plants offer reliable performance as it comes with twin shaft mixer as standard across all models. Buy quality batching plant from Indian manufacturer of civil construction machinery.









30 m3/hr.

45 m3/hr.

60 m3/hr.

75 m3/hr.

90 m3/hr.

Capacities above 90 m3/hr. are tailor made.


Stationary concrete batching plants by Atlas as renowned for their performance, productivity, accuracy and after sales service. The user friendly software and simple design makes these equipment one of the best in the industry. We also have mobile concrete plants on offer. Our plants are suitable for Indian operating conditions and that the equipment is developed in such a way that it performs for years.

stationary concrete plant layout

Concrete Batch plants Manufacturer

Atlas is manufacturer of concrete batching plants. They are available as stationary versions also. We export concrete equipment up to 200 m3/hr. Concrete Mixer of fixed types manufacturer in India offers for sale quality and proven Indian machines. We have exported to countries like Philippines, Nigeria, Angola, Bhutan, Cameroon, Myanmar and Israel. The plants offered are for customers looking for a simple and reliable equipment built by using the best of materials and which will work and perform for years.

In our Stationary concrete plants, the aggregates are stored in horizontal bins. The gathering conveyor belt runs below the bins where weighing of aggregates takes place and the aggregate are then discharged onto the charging conveyor. Pneumatically operated gates are provided for discharge of the aggregate on to the gathering conveyor. The material is all weighed accurately and transferred to the twin shaft mixer through slinger conveyor. These pneumatics used are of reputed make which ensure long life and superior performance for your machine.

ATLAS's Concrete Plant are build to perform for years and hence the reason that we are supplying twin shaft mixer as mixing device. Twin shaft mixer is better on mixing and low on maintenance compared to the other type of mixers.
Capacities available are from: 30 m3/ hr. to 200 m3/hr. These plants are designed and build to work in a wide range of environmental conditions and give maximum productivity.

Concrete batching plant process flow

The working of a stationary concrete batching plant is similar to that of a mobile plant. The process starts from feeding of the aggregates into the feeder bins. It ends when the ready mix concrete is discharged from the mixing unit. The stationary unit is bigger in size, it occupies more space to setup and it is preferred by contractors who want to churn out bigger volumes without moving very often.


The working principle is dependent on 5 main functions like below:

  1. Aggregate feeding: It means that aggregates and sand have to be fed to the feeding unit.
  2. Binder feeding: Binder refers to cement, fly ash, additives materials that will help to bond the material.
  3. Water feeding: Water is important component. A fixed quantity of water as per the recipe will help bind the ready mix material.
  4. Storage: Storage here refers to the storage of cement, fly ash, etc. These materials are stored in different storage compartments. They are weighed into weighing hoppers and then added into mixing unit.
  5. Controls: Plant control panel is important component and it is responsible for controlling the working of the plant.


First the aggregates are fed into the feeder bins as per their sizes. They are weighed one by one by a weighing conveyor which is suspended on load cells. This weighing conveyor is just below the feeder bins. As soon as the weighing is done the aggregates are transferred to the mixing unit.


On top of the mixing unit we have weighing hoppers for cement, water and additives. These weighing units will weigh respective items prior to discharging the same into the mixing unit. Once inside the mixing units all the items will be mixed uniformly for fixed duration. Water is transferred to the weigh hopper by water pump. Cement is transferred to the weigh hopper by screw conveyor.


A PLC type control panel is used to input recipes, set mixing time and adjust other important parameters.

Four biin feeder

Four biin feeder

All the feeder bins have pneumatic operated gates. All the four bins are built on a strong structure.
Pneumatic gate open close mechanism is by an air compressor supplied with the plant.
The gates are radial type for coarse/ fine discharge. Sand bin is also provided with discharge.
Gathering conveyor

Gathering conveyor

Aggregates are discharged into gathering conveyor. Gathering conveyor is suspended on 4 load cells.
As soon as the desired recipe accumulates, gathering conveyor discharges the mix on to the slinger conveyor.
A vibratory motor is provided for easy flow of materials. Gathering conveyor of ready mix concrete plants (RMC plants) is provided with idler rollers and return rollers.
Slinger conveyor

Slinger conveyor

Slinger conveyor is for transfer of aggregates from gathering conveyor to the mixing unit.
Weighing system

Weighing system

Weighing hopper is mounted on 3 load cells with butterfly valve for discharge. Cement weighing hopper of suitable capacity is provided with pneumatic vibrator and two inlets for two screw conveyors (Screw conveyors make: WAM-Italy or equivalent).
Water tank supported on load cells and it has gate with rubber gasket at the bottom. Additives comprise of admixture flask of suitable capacity is supplied with feeding pump.
With Atlas stationary concrete mixers, cement is fed from SILO to the cement weighing hopper.
Twin shaft mixer
Twin shaft mixer

Twin shaft mixer

Twin shaft type concrete mixtures ensure proper mixing and maximum output with comparatively low maintenance.
Twin shaft Mixers comes in various capacities ranging from 0.5 m³ to 5 m3 and is fixed on the basic structure of the plant. Mixer arms and shell are reinforced with replaceable high wear resistance NI hard liners.
The aggregates, cement, water and additives are discharged to the Twin shaft type Mixer. The gate of the twin shaft mixer opens to its entire length therby discharging the entire contents of the mixer quickly.
Only after proper and homogeneous mixing the batch is ready to be discharged by hydraulic system.
Cement / fly ash silo and hopper

Cement / fly ash silo and hopper

A 1500 kgs cement storage hopper is standard with the plant.
A 50 T or higher capacity silo for storage of cement or fly ash can be provided.
Computerised panel with digital display
Computerised panel with digital display

Computerised panel with digital display

Atlas is one batching plant supplier India who sells plants with fully computerized cabin fitted with PLC based controller. SCADA based controller is an option item.
A software which is very user friendly ensures top notch performance. Proxy switch for each control panel. Display of the entire process of control parameters.
Provision for printing entire data like: mix proportion, batch weigh, total number of batches, sub total, gross total, etc. Preset batch controls the number of batches for transit mixer. Provision to store, edit production details, mix proportions up to 99 recipes.
Panel works on auto and manual mode.
Control cabin

Control cabin

Cabin is fabricated with M. S. Structured frame and insulated by wood.
Strategic location of seat ensures complete view of the plant.
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