Concrete plant with: twin shaft v/s reversible mixer

mobile concrete mixer

Atlas manufactures and exports mobile concrete mixers with capacity 10 m3/hr. to 60 m3/hr. These portable concrete plants are available in two different designs and the main differentiating factor is the mixing unit offered with the two different types of concrete making equipments.

Mobile concrete batch plants with reversible drum mixers are available in the capacities: 10 cum/hr.; 15 cum/hr.; 20 cum/hr. and 25 cum/hr.
The mobile concrete plants with 20 m3/hr.; 30 m3/hr.; 45 m3/hr. and 60 m3/hr. are offered with twin shaft mixer as their mixing device.
Both the plants featured are batch mix plants and offer separate weighing for aggregates, cement, water and additives.

If we talk about the cold feed devices, both the plants are with a 2 x 2 bin feeder with two separate vibrators provided on two bins.

Loading of the aggregates is by loader in both the plants.
Loading height in plant with reversible drum is a little lower compared to the other concrete plant.In the concrete plant with twin shaft mixer, there is a single conveyor which does the weighing of the aggregates and then transfers them to the mixing unit. In the mobile concrete batch mix plant, the aggregates are weighed in a conveyor and transferred to the mixing unit by another conveyor.
The location of air compressor for the pneumatic functions is on the feeder chassis of both the plants. Water weighing is done in the water storage hopper and both the plants come with water pump to suck in water to the weighing hopper. The discharge of water in the plant with twin shaft mixer is by butterfly valve and by pump in the plant with reversible drum mixer.

Lubrication of concrete mixers

Lubrication system for twin shaft mixer is by a grease pump manually and in the plant with reversible drum, there is a lubrication system for the mixing drum.
HMI panel is inside a foldable cabin in concrete batch mix plant with twin shaft mixer and in the portable concrete batch plant, the HMI panel can be in a cabin

It is possible to directly discharge concrete into a transit mixer or concrete pump. The approximate concrete discharge height is 3.7 meters in plant with twin shaft mixer. In the plant with reversible drum mixer, the approximate concrete discharge height is 1.9 meters.

Length of both the plants is 11.58 meters and both the mobile concrete batch mixing plant come prewired.

Concrete batchmixing plant with twin shaft mixer is on a single axle, plant with reversible drum is on two axles.

Comparison of concrete plants in form of a video